You're here because you like to eat! This is how Cannon's Pig Paint got here and hopefully to you.

We decided to have a cookout one afternoon. "Propane Jane" is ready to go and we have all the meat and beverages (adult and other) we could possibly want. SNAG! Forgot the BBQ sauce so it's a race to the closest store. Have to make due with what they've got. "Let the doctoring begin!" The sauce was better than I could have dreamed of and everybody loved it. It was a hit!

For the holidays that year, I decided to give this "Frankenstein" sauce as a gift to friends and bar regulars. People couldn't get enough. By January the refill requests for my "homemade" BBQ sauce started. I was a sham. The shame of using a store base was too much. I had to fix this. I looked up some recipes and my friends and family became guinea pigs for test batch after test batch. Everything in my house smelled like BBQ sauce. I didn't notice but other people did which led to more cookouts, sometimes late. Finally, a trip down south to Mom's for some fine tuning and I had winner! Pig Paint was born.

Don't let the name throw you!Cannon's Pig Paint is great on everything from seafood to grilled veggies and of course, all meats. Because it has so many layers of flavor, it compliments anything you decide to "paint" with it. You'll taste the vinegar, the sweet, the heat, and just the right amount of smokiness. Let's eat!.